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Aloha, Beaches!

NIK + VAL      |     OAHU, HAWAII     |    3.30.2019 
Note from VIK

Words cannot express how beautiful and truly magical our Hawaiian wedding was, which is why we are grateful for photos and video to convey what words cannot! We transformed our website into living, multimedia album that re-tells the events from our week in Hawaii and our beautiful ceremony.  For those who were there, we hope you enjoy re-living those Aloha moments, and for those who could not make it, we hope you feel like you're are a part of it!  HUUUUGE thank you to Chad and Jeanna Moon for capturing all of the photos you're about to see and to Janelle and Jorgen Karlsrud for filming all of the videos and clips mixed throughout each page.  This was a team effort!


To our family and friends who want physical prints of any photos, we've made it simple to do that directly from here. Just click on the photo you want and it will expand with the printing options. You can print on paper, canvas, mugs, you name it. All photos are high resolution. Print away!

Last, we hope everyone who came enjoyed their time in Hawaii and made new lifelong friends.  It feels pretty amazing that we can be the connector between all of the wonderful people we are lucky to share our lives with. We take great pride in surrounding ourselves with such good people.  Seriously.  We have incredible friends and family around us that make our hearts feel so full. Thank you to everyone who made the journey to the Hawaiian islands to celebrate with us. Love you all! 


Nik + Val Larsen

About our Wedding...

When it came to our Wedding Day, we decided to do away with many of the typical wedding traditions we didn't feel was "us", and we are so happy we did!  We invented our own personal ways to celebrate our love, and the result was so meaningful. We did not ask for gifts, but instead a thoughtful note from each of our guests...  thank you to everyone who put so much thought and effort into beautifully written (and even illustrated!) notes! 


We chose not to have a bridal party, but instead we gave those who have a special role in our lives a special role in our wedding and reception.  We think that very person who came all the way to Hawaii to witness our wedding was an official part of our bridal party. We didn't require anyone to wear unattractive, matching bridesmaids dresses or tuxes that they would never wear again, and we did not feel it was necessary to try to display our friends in order of importance next to us while we exchanged the most important words of our life. We wanted our ceremony simple, meaningful and entirely between us.   


A few of the non-traditional roles we gave our friends and family were created specifically just for them based on their role in our relationship.  Lindsay and Brad (the couple that introduced us) had all of our guests bless our wedding rings before the ceremony. Lali did a beautiful reading from our favorite books. We gave the two men in our families (Dennis, Craig) the duty of carrying two leis down the aisle to represent our fathers.  Our Mothers were the ones who walked us down the aisle. When we said our vows, it was just Nik and I standing in front of that perfect sunset in the background in the most beautiful place on earth.

Our reception was just as special.  It was a constant surprise of heartfelt speeches and performances that left us at a loss of words! Our official wedding Emcee was one of our most  gregarious friends, John.  We did not do a head table, instead we sat with those who are close friends who happen to be couples.  We had two surprise performances- a seven-minute rap by Dennis and an original song written for Nik performed by Aimee. We never get tired of telling these stories! 

About our Wedding
In case you missed it...

A Note from

The Larsens


A Very Special Thanks

To Jantze Haley, for making our wedding possible and allowing us create the memories we did- we will cherish them forever!

To Barb Carpender, for walking her daughter down the aisle to the man of her dreams.


To Dennis Haley, for writing and performing an epic rap song that no one will forget.


To Aimee Chelmo, for writing and performing the most beautiful love song for us.


To Lindsay and Brad Santala, for warming our rings with everyone's blessings... and introducing us!


To Lalita Zapata, for her beautiful reading about love from "The Alchemist"

To Chad and Jeanna Moon, for more beautiful photos of our friends

and family than we could have ever asked for!

To Jorgen and Janelle Karlsrud, for going above and beyond to shoot

beautiful video of our wedding and festivities.

To Lynda Spring, for doing such a lovely job creating the perfect beachy hair

and makeup for the ladies in our wedding!


To Emerson Hudson, for leading the way downs the aisle and making a

bride feel extra special on her big day.


To Michelle Hudson, for teaching us to dance our "first dance".

To Randy Allen and Beyond Paradise, for the beautiful music throughout the evening.

To Chad Hetherington, for your heartfelt, funny and appropriate speech!

To John McCormick, for being the best wedding Emcee.

To The Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina, for making our wedding and 

stay with you a dream come true.

To Moana Events, for making our Big Day flawless from start to finish.  

Seriously, no one could have done a better job!

The list could go on, but we want to thank each of our friends and family for their love and support, wether you could be with us in Hawaii or not!  We love you all.


While our fathers are no longer with us on earth, we certainly felt them in spirit for our Big Day!
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